What we do

Market Ready Programmable Neuro Modulation Wellness wristband for Insomnia and Focus, with Applications as a Medical Device addressing ADHD, Hypertension, and Parkinson.

Our Impact

Market ready, patent pending wellness device for focus and insomnia.  Planned regulatory submission for Medical Device classifications (for ADHD, Blood Pressure and Parkinson). Evidence on all indications from dozens of patients in Israel using an initial generation of the device.

Challenges We Solve

About third of the population suffers from Insomnia. A third of the population suffers from Hypertension. Up to 10% of the population suffer from ADHD. 1% of elderly population suffers from Parkinson. Current treatment are mainly medications, which are associated with side effects and with a high degree of no response or poor compliance. Mobile and highly scalable solution for the above indications has the potential to change the lives of billion of sufferers worldwide.

Our Technology & Solution

  • A patent pending, mobile device that transmits low frequencies patterns to the nerve system, that induce changes in the brainwaves to bring them back to normal ranges. Could interact with mobile phones and sensors for personalized treatment.
  • 37 Hypertension patients used the device and 81% of them reported their blood pressure was balanced within the first month of usage.
  • 10 Parkinson Patients were treated with 100% showing motor improvement within 3 weeks.
  • 23 ADHD patients that have used the device, with 19 of them have stopped taking Ritalin after one week of treatment
  • 25 Migraine patients were treated with 90% reduction in symptoms within 1 month
  • 13 Insomnia patients were treated with 85% reporting improvement in symptoms within 1 month. Performed significantly better than a placebo controlled group.

How We’re Unique and our Business Model

First of its kind Neuro Modulation wristband device. Unlike medications, our device is side effects free and is likely to have high compliance. It has European CE mark for wellness. The wristband (scheduled for be commercial in 2018) will be sold as wellness device and later as a medical device with monthly subscription to enable personalized remote interactions.