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There is no similar product to the product of Alfa Rhythm Company in the world. Data from the field of concentration is attached: the connection between brain activity and focusing, and the way to change such activity.

Findings indicate that there is a different kind of brain activity among people who suffer from lack of concentartion and focusing versus people who don’t. This brain activity reflects in dominant slow brain waves in the front part of the brain.

More researches show the same result: a different brain activity among ADHD patients versus others: Yu-Feng et al, 2006, have found that there is a different ADHD brain activity among children as well. This different brain activity could be the finding that explains the existence of ADHD.
Another research which deals with children, confirms also the argument that the brain activity of children with ADHD is reduced relative to other children, and that this is possibly the physical cause for ADHD. Another research shows that there are differences between alpha and theta waves among adults as well.  The correlation between brain activity and parents reporting ADHD among their children is still being studied; however existing research does indicate a strong relation between brain activity and ADHD.

Barnea claims that it is possible to achieve a temporary change in brain function by changing brain waves. In her research, an improvement in listening among people with learning disabilities due to a change in brain waves structure was found, ie reducing the dominance of Theta and Alpha waves in brain activities. The change is achieved through a training called “Biofeedback”, which trains patients to induce a change in the structure of their brain waves.

Biofeedback is a process of learning and training, which one needs to continuously repeat in order to achieve results. Other studies indicate that it is possible to imrpove the situation of people with ADHD through a Biofeedback plan with is based on patient’s brain activity mapping and aims at teaching techniques for changing brain activity.
It is worth mentioning that Biofeedback technique has been in use for almost 30 years, and it’s now more acceptable than before for treating ADHD.

According to these studies, the technique offers a significant change in patient behavior. Some scholars argue that it could function as an alternative for drug treatments such as Ritalin, and that it is suitable for different age groups such as children, teens and adults. A recent Meta analytical study shows that this treatment is effective and specific, and has a profound influence on listening difficulties and impulsiveness, and a moderate influence on hyper activeness. Another computerized method of treatment for ADHD was presented in one of the studies. It suggests using a computer program for improving the working memory among children with ADHD, and by that improves their performance.

Alfa Rhythm offer’s a simple methode to help people with lack of concentartion and focusing by using it’s