Vibration nerve stimulator by Alfa Rhythm Ltd


Vibration nerve stimulation (VNS) is a procedure that makes use of rotations program with the purpose of stimulating nerve cells in the brain and body nerve system , at a certain frequency, without emitting any electrical current to the body as done by electrotherapy in general

The Device    未标题-1

The vibration nerve stimulator is a wrist band device with variety of specifications:Vibrations

Clock, Steps, Calories, Distance, Reminder To Move, Incoming Call, Text, Automatically Sleep Tracking, Silent Vibrating Alarm, Record Days of Goal Achieved, Wrist Rotation Detect

Hardware Specification:
0.91 Inch OLED, white light
Nordic 51822
Touch Key
Bluetooth 4.0 BLE

Support iOS 8.0 or above, Android 4.4 or above
Battery Life
5-7 Days for daily using
Charge Method
USB Charge Cable
Charge Time
2 Hours
Water Resistant

Selling Proposition

Auto Turn On Display By Detecting Wrist Rotation
Auto Sleep Tracking
Reminder To Move –  User can define sit time
7 Days History Record
Support ANCS for iOS
4 Silence Alarms
Light(15g) and Thin(8.5mm) To Wear

Material And Size
Band Size
Package Size
Package Weight

What’s Include
1 Smart Band
1 USB Charge Cable
1 User Manual
In addition to the above specification sheet
We have developed and inserted to the wrist band special vibration program that includes options of 1-50 vibes programs to be directed by user for one hour for treatment session with possibility to stop it manually or to be automatically turned off after one hour. This vibration program is the main tool and main part of the device.

The Vibration frequency therapy device and methods designed for nerve stimulation.

The novel device is used to treat neuropsychiatric disorders or other cerebral conditions, as well as improving physiological and cognitive functions. Physiological functions include concentration, alertness, memory, stress, speech, motor function, cognitive function, intelligence. Neuropsychiatric conditions or disorders include Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD and anxiety and learning disability. There are other indications that could benefit from the stimulation, for example high blood pressure and Parkinson, diabetes and sexual tonic.
Proposed mechanism of action
Our wristband Vibration nerve stimulator is programmed with specific frequency , this frequency reach the brain, as it touches any part of the body skin, similarly like any signal the nerve system receive from out of the body.

The vibration itself considered as signal and its frequency synchronized by the brain and the nerve system , same as any other frequency.
Like any signal neurons and transmitters send the frequent vibes to the brain  through the spinal cord , and then to the thalamus, the thalamus filtrates the electric impulses signals and synchronizes its frequency, and then sends it to both prefrontal and cerebral cortex , and then prefrontal cortex as responsible on executive processing manages the frequency to be produced as dominant wave in the cerebral cortex.
“The spinal cord is part of the nervous system and facilitates the interactions between the brain


and the rest of the body.  The major control system is at the top (the brain) and the spinal cord acts as a bridge, communicating constantly with the brain, receiving and sending information from and to every part of the body.”


In general, the vibration nerve stimulator device described herein is comprising present technology and solutions. Through the use of a variety of vibrations, each characterized by a distinctive range of frequencies, hence, offering a greater range of functionality related to a broader range of nerve stimulation. Thus, for example, while one frequency range-defined appliance can emit specific vibes used to balance brain waves alleviating sleep disorders, another vibe characterized by a different frequency-range can balance the brain waves and increase the level of focus, as well as calmness and attentiveness, alongside alertness and concentration. Additional range-defined vibes also balance brain-waves while designed for a variety of functions, ranging from alleviating mental restrictions to increasing mental abilities.

The instant product deals with a non-invasive technique, used to apply brief vibration to the nerve system by sending the frequency designed vibes to the hand or other body parts that are connected to the brain through the nerve system. The only interaction with the human body is caused by the briefly changing frequency, and its effect may be neuronal activation.

Preliminary tests:


To approve effect  of direct sent vibration to the body we have conducted the following experiment :

EEG experiment on a healthy Volunteer   (30 – 12 – 2018)

Age 35



Devices: 1-  Emotiv Epoc+ device,  2- Alfa Rhythm Wristband (Vibration nerve stimulator)

First Volunteer MM – One day experiment:

EEG measurement was done on the first Volunteer (MM) by using the wave reader EEG Emotiv device integrated with Mat lab program to check the brain electrical power and waves before and after using the Alfa vibration nerve stimulator (Wristband).


Goal: Efficacy on brain wave on the same Volunteer – Comparison before and after using  Wristband of Alfa. To check if the wristband cause clear effect on brainwaves.

EEG test was done for three minutes before using the band.

EEG test was done for 15 minutes after using the band.

Frequency of the Wristband was 9 vibes per second

Four graphs were documented showing the power of frequencies inside the brain: 3, 9, 13, 23 before using the wristband.

Four graphs were documented showing the power of  frequencies: 3, 9, 13, 23 after using the wristband


The volunteer was asked to relax in a chair.

14 electrodes were attached to the volunteer scalp.

The volunteer was asked to close his eyes, relax, and be still.



Once the recording begins, the volunteer will need to remain still throughout the test. The healthcare provider monitored the volunteer to observe any movements that can cause an inaccurate reading, such as swallowing or blinking.


EEG results of Volunteer (MM) before and after using the wristband

Before vibrations_before01












Conclusion :  the results show that wristband was effective in changing brain wave state.

The results obtained clearly indicate that subjects’ brain has reacted according to our expectations, i.e., creation of brain waves with frequencies similar to those intentionally exposed to, having the subject maintain these brain waves for a 3 hours period since the actual stimulation. Based on experimental results, the device of the present invention provide a method to arouse brain waves over a range of frequencies, designed to cure a variety of physical and mental deficiencies as well as bolster mental potency and efficiency.