Organizational structure of the company

Board of Directors Management Technical Team
Dr. Khaled Khalil-Chairman of the board Dr. Khaled Khalil-EVP R&D Mr. Walaa Saliba-Medical engineer. Director of R&D
Mr. Nisim Cohen-CEO Mr. Nisim Cohen-CEO Mr. Ilan Rom-Industrial Design & Prototypes
Dr. Jacob Dagan-Consaltant Dr. Jacob Dagan-Consaltant Mr. Shlomo Morag-Electronics expert
Mrs. Amina Khalil-Vice President of PR Dr. Mohammad Hamdan-CMO Mrs. Gabriela Cohen-ADHD Expert
Mrs. Gabriela Cohen-ADHD Expert Dr. Shawn Shirazi-CRO
Mrs. Amina Khalil-Vice President of PR

Our key to success

A highly professional and motivated team, backed up and substantiated by a board of directors, all members of the highest business qualifications and abilities, alongside specialists in the intricate field of the human mind, engaged in challenges that are dealt with and resolved with the use of aforementioned devices (everything according to its own merits). The technology and human capital constitute an integrated business model that positions Alfa Rhythm as providing the correct mix of non-invasive, safe and efficient treatment to common known problems in our world, based on High-tech solutions, enabling the design of unique applications, providing easily operable solutions.