Study Difficulties

Do you want your child to improve their results and have an easier time studying?

Is it important for you to be more focused at work?

Would you like to avoid discomfort during exams?

With vibrational frequency technology, patients learn to regulate their brain wave activity according to the therapeutic protocol suited for their needs, their attention span, concentration, and academic ability.

The treatment significantly reduces the different symptoms of the issue, such as confusion, low attention span, concentration and more.

The Alfa Rhythm watch aids in solving issues related to study difficulties and greatly improves concentration levels.

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Have you ever been spoken to and your mind wanders somewhere else? Is it hard for you to sit still in one spot? Do you tend to procrastinate tasks, failing to complete them in time?

When our mind wanders to other, more interesting places and when all our tasks get jumbled up it angers everyone. Sometimes we are told that we’re lazy, clumsy, or too “savage” and we try to improve yet we don’t always succeed.

Attention and concentration disorders, whether or not accompanied by hyperactivity are a source for a lot of frustration and pain for many children and adults. Those suffering from a wide range of symptoms such as lack of organization, impulsiveness, restlessness, daydreaming and many more are usually directed towards a pharmaceutical treatment. There are other alternatives for diminishing the symptoms that accompany ADD/ADHD, such as biofeedback, nutritional supplements and more, however, these may not be effective and appropriate for every individual.

Reordering your mind

Imagine a technological solution that helps the brain balance itself in a completely natural and non-pharmaceutical method. That is exactly what our revolutionary device at Alfa Rhythm does. It is an effective and safe device that supplies a more effective solution in dealing with these behavioral difficulties. Many will testify for the impressive results that led to a significant increase in quality of life.

How does the Alfa Rhythm watch work?

Our brain transmits waves at different levels, patterns, and frequencies. Following many studies in the field of frequencies, it was discovered that certain people have a difference in brain wave dominance – and that it is possible to modify it. CFS or frequency therapy is one of the most important methods for the regulation and balance of brain wave frequencies in an optimal manner. This method aids in relieving tensions and various symptoms of different neurological issues and varying behavioral difficulties, such as ADD/ADHD. There is great importance in choosing a precise and high-quality frequency to which the brain will synchronize with. As a result of multi-year research, researchers at Alfa Rhythm have managed to refine the optimal frequencies in neutralizing symptoms for several common behavioral disorders.

issues relating to ADD/ADHD are expressed through a lack of correct balance between the brain waves. How do we affect and balance the brain waves? All you need to do is place the bow of the Alfa Rhythm device to your forehead and turn it on for half an hour twice a day.

N’s mother (the full name has been withdrawn for privacy) writes to us after consistent use for a month:

“Following the use of Alfa bow, things started sorting themselves out all around the house, and in a number of weeks we started feeling a difference: the kid is relaxed and emitted something different to his environment, slowly his classmates and friends from his co-curricular activities noticed a difference and started seeking my son’s company. “N” became a part of the community and was no longer alone during breaks. The academic success didn’t fail to follow, which add on to the self-confidence that’s only developing more and more. Nowadays, he only needs to choose from all the different kids that wanna hang out with him after school hours.

The Alfa device changed our lives.

Many thanks from an overjoyed and eternally grateful mother”

Here are the benefits of the device:

  • An innovative and precise solution – the patent-protected device is a groundbreaking innovation in its field. In fact, this is the only device in the world able to transmit precise wave patterns to the brain.
  • Enjoy Immediate results – the results of using the device vary from individual to individual, however, most of the patients already felt an improvement from the first treatments. Many report feeling a change at quite an early stage, and through consultation with their doctor, they decided to cut back on the pharmaceutical prescription.

The Alfa Rhythm watch brings a real breakthrough to the frequency therapy and neural stimulation field. It is an amazing alternative for those interested in a natural, safe, non-intrusive solution without any side effects. The Alfa Rhythm is the fruit of many years of research that was done by leading professionals in their field. The device is approved for marketing in the US, completely safe for use and approved by the European CE as improving quality of life.

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