Stress, Depression and Anxiety

Are you suffering from constant fatigue? Are you worried you’ve lost your love for life? Do you feel like you’re being controlled by a strong feeling of fear and loss of control?

The pressures of life and the need to adapt ourselves to constant changes leaves its mark on us. Sometimes, it gets us to the point of hope-extinguishing and death-threatening distress. Symptoms of anxiety and depression go hand in hand and come at a heavy price, which we pay for in the modern era.

In a state of depression, feelings of fatigue and loss of willpower start to form which in extreme cases, leads to suicidal thoughts. In states of stress and anxiety, one may feel worry and restlessness, leading to a feeling of powerlessness and lack of control that tends to deteriorate towards panic attacks. There is a large spectrum of people of all ages suffering from depressive or anxious states of mind.

The existing treatments

It is conventional and acceptable to treat these behavioral disorders through conversations and pharmaceutical methods that include various derivatives of Prozac, which increase the serotonin levels in the brain and sometimes also block adrenaline absorption. In the therapeutic arsenal, there are also less “sympathetic” sedatives that come from the addictive benzodiazepine family.

Treatment of these behavioral disorders is a long-lasting process and exposes the patient to extremely problematic side effects.

There are alternate methods for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression which include sports and physical activity and exercise, meditation and a general change in lifestyle. However, despite the partial help that these methods provide, there is a missing element – one that would speed the process up, prevent suffering, financial costs, and would complete the therapeutic picture in a simple, natural manner.

Get your brain waves balanced with Alfa Rhythm’s vibrational watch!

Imagine a device you could place against your forehead which helps the brain achieve the balance it so desperately needs. It’s not sci-fi and not a scam, it is a proven, respected and well-known science commonly known as frequency therapy or CFS. As is known, the brain transmits different waves that are expressed through different states of consciousness such as sleep, physical activity, deep rest, etc. Under the influence of life’s pressures, the balance between the waves is disrupted. This comes with behavioral consequences, including but not limited to stress, anxiety, and depression. So, what do we do? We help the brain balance itself naturally and easily. Here are the benefits:

A simple and comfortable therapeutic watch – the Alfa Rhythm device stimulates the brain to balance its waves through daily treatment with low-intensity vibrations. All you need to reach balance is exposure for fifteen minutes twice a day by applying treatment with the Alfa Rhythm watch. And what do we do during this time? We simply continue our daily tasks as usual – at home, on the road, on vacation and work.

An innovative, groundbreaking innovation – for the first time in the world, Alfa Rhythm has succeeded in providing and patenting the precise wave patterns. More precise waves have great consequences on their effect on the brain. They help the brain synchronize to the desired frequency faster and better.

Feel a difference, quickly – the Alfa Rhythm watch is not a medicine but an effective utility created to treat anxiety and depression symptoms, and it does this fast. Most of Alfa Rhythm’s patients report that in just a few sessions they starting feeling clear relief, with depression sufferers waking up energetically and reducing restlessness and panic symptoms in patients suffering from anxiety and stress. Cutting down on pharmaceutical description at the recommendation of their doctor was a natural step in the progress of the Alfa watch treatment. 

Life is beautiful, however, it’s not always easy to notice and when things go wrong it’s a tough challenge. Alfa Rhythm’s device is the result of groundbreaking research which provides a natural, non-intrusive solution to the tough symptoms that accompany anxiety, depression, and stress. The Alfa Rhythm device is FDA approved, labeled as a device to improve quality of life and holds the European Union’s CE mark, recognized as being safe for use. For additional information on relieving depression, stress, and anxiety symptoms contact us now at +972-52-821-7636 and/or leave your details on our contact page.​

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