New Discoveries in ADD, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia and More

Patients report a significant improvement in self-control, memory and prolonged concentration". Nissim Cohen (photography: Itamar Kav)

So, you’ve been told that your child suffers from ADD/ADHD? Before turning to pharmaceutical treatment, you should check out Alfa Rhythm, a revolutionary technological solution that aids in balancing brainwaves through a totally natural method.

Have you ever have asked yourself whether there’s a scientific test of some sort that could conclude in an absolute manner whether or not your child suffers from ADD/ADHD? Well, it’s important that you know the answer – no, it does not exist. Incredible! Although there is an increasing amount of knowledge relating to the biological root of this disorder, as of today there is still no objective test (such as a blood test or MRI), that is able to without a doubt conclude whether or not the child suffers from ADD/ADHD. The existing tests, such as T.O.V.A and BRC examinations, are not absolute and rely on the accurate reports of the child, those that surround him/her, and first of foremost – the educational staff.

The issue is that due to this nonobjective diagnosis, many parents turn to the aid pharmaceutical treatment. Yes, ADD/ADHD is a source of pain and frustration for both children and parents alike, and many times the need to control such a wide variety of symptoms such as lack of organization, impulsiveness, lack of quiet, daydreaming and other symptoms, leads to the pharmacy. However, this solution is not always effective and appropriate for every patient. In addition, these medications are often accompanied by side effect and long-term effects that are not yet known to us.

Reordering your mind

What if we told you that there is another way? That there is a technological solution that helps the brain balance itself in a natural way without pharmaceutical support? That is exactly what Alfa Rhythm’s revolutionary hand-held device, the “Alfa Watch”, achieves. “It is a completely safe device that supplies us with an effective solution in dealing with these behavioral difficulties”, Nissim Cohen, the CEO of the company explains.
“In fact, Alfa Rhythm was founded with the goal of finding a technological, elegant and non-pharmaceutical solution to irritating neurological issues with the use of frequencies. This technology now stands at the forefront of the self-development field in the whole world.”

What exactly is frequency therapy?

“Our brain creates electrical activity 24/7, and this activity is measured in frequency groups commonly known as ‘brain waves’, with every frequency representing a different state of consciousness. Many studies have shown that it is possible to affect, and even direct the brain waves as we desire, with the help of listening or transmitting certain frequencies to the brain. Over a thousand studies have been conducted by leading professionals in their fields that demonstrate the positive effects of frequency therapy on sleep issues, anxiety, memory, ADD/ADHD and more”.


A technological, elegant and non-pharmaceutical solution to irritating neurological issues with the use of frequencies.

How does the watch work?

“Our brain transmits waves with differing levels, patterns and frequencies. In several studies, it was discovered that in certain people there seems to be a difference in brainwave dominance and that it is possible to modify this by sending a dominant frequency to the brain, regulating and balancing brainwave frequencies in an optimal manner – and that is, in fact, what the watch does. However, it is important to emphasize the importance of choosing a precise and high-quality frequency to which the brain will synchronize to.

Through multi-year research, the researchers at Alfa Rhythm have come to refine the optimal frequencies used in neutralizing symptoms of common disorders, including ADHD, which are expressed through the lack of proper balance between the brain waves. Many who have experienced this method with a significant improvement of their life quality will testify in favor of these impressive results. Amongst other things, they reported an increase in self-control, an ability for prolonged concentration and an improvement to their memory at work or in their studies”.

About the frequency waves: benefits of the Alfa Watch

  • An innovative and precise solution. The patent-protected device is a groundbreaking innovation in its field. In fact, this is the only device in the world able to transmit precise wave patterns to the brain
  • Modern design and simple to operate. The device is designed as a trendy watch. You can wear it continuously regardless of your environment. To activate, press the touch button – and that’s it.
  • Immediate results. The results of using the device vary from individual to individual, however most of the patients already felt an improvement from the first treatments. Many report feeling a change at quite an early stage.
  • Safe for use. The device is not labeled as medical and is approved for marketing in the US as an improvement to quality of life according to FDA regulations. In addition, it holds the strict European standard CE.

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