Memory Loss and Dementia

A natural device for those suffering from Alzheimer’s

Thanks to revolutionary new technology – vibrational frequency technology – the Alfa device offers an innovative utility for Alzheimer sufferers with the aid of a vibrational frequency system used to stimulate the nervous system.

This device has been proven to improve cognitive function via improvement of the memory and prevention of fear and anxiety, which causes depression.

The device was used by a group of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. According to reports of their family members, there was significant progress in their health, and some of the disease’s symptoms disappeared completely starting from the first month.

The Alfa device was created to improve public health through the regulation of the electrical waves of the brain and nervous system.

The Alfa device comes with a high level of safety, without any side effects, and holds the EU’s CE mark.

Although it is labeled as a device for quality of life which is not medicine, the use of the device has proven to be highly effective in treating the patients.

To purchase the device call: +972-52-821-7636 and/or leave your details on our contact page.

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