Suffering from bad sleep? Having trouble falling asleep? Do you wake up in the middle of the night or too early and are unable to fall back asleep?

Our eyes shut but we stay completely awake. We try reading a book, changing position, and drinking water yet nothing helps. Night after night, the same frustrating story and the same result. The next day we are tired, fatigued, and try our best to stay awake with coffee, but the concentration isn’t what it used to be and we make mistakes… We are criticized for them and we say “yeah… I didn’t sleep so last night…”

Counting sheep and taking pills!

What haven’t we tried to fall asleep? We’ve checked every possible pill and they do help, at least at the beginning. The next day you feel a little drowsy, maybe even a little drugged up and even the coffee can’t organize your brain. After several weeks, even the pills don’t help but they get you addicted and high.

There are alternative solutions to insomnia-based issues that include nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes, sport, meditation, etc. The main problem with these solutions is the need to invest lots of time and to change certain behaviors that aren’t always appropriate depending on the situation. For example, night shift workers may lose their source of income for hours of sleep. Indeed a cruel choice, so what should we do?


Have a good night with Alfa Rhythm

Alfa Rhythm’s revolutionary device provides a unique and effective solution to sleep issues by affecting the balance of your brain waves. This is not a sci-fi or horror movie but instead an accurate, proven science known as frequency therapy and neural stimulation. This science is based around the balancing of the brain waves through external, non-intrusive stimulation with specifically-designed vibrations.

Our brain regularly transmits a series of different frequencies, affecting our conscious state and feeding on it. Certain frequencies become dominant in states of alertness, some during sleep, and the same applies to concentration, creativity, etc. Throughout life, an imbalance between the waves may be triggered and as a result, different behavioral disorders are formed, insomnia included.

How will Alfa Rhythm’s watch help me fall asleep?

Following years of research, Alfa Rhythm has developed a revolutionary treatment for reducing symptoms of insomnia. This is done through a vibrational watch placed on the elbow, transmitting low-intensity frequencies to the brain. Here are the benefits of the watch:

Fast results without any side-effects – The precise vibrations of the Alfa Rhythm watch transmit a sleep mode, stimulating and encouraging the brain to synchronize with the right frequency. Very fast, your eyes will start to close and you can remove the bow from your head and enjoy real sleep like you used to. After sleeping, you will wake up fog-free with a clear head to a new, productive day.

Technological breakthrough – Alfa Rhythm’s watch is a scientific breakthrough. It isn’t some “miracle medicine” but a great utility used to encourage the brain into sleep mode. This is the result of the unique, groundbreaking development of precise wave pattern transmission via a patent-protected vibration. The great accuracy allows us to bring you a device with effective, fast results without a competition.

Safe sleep

Insomnia is not a life-long fate. The Alfa Rhythm device is approved for full use as an improvement to quality of life and is approved for marketing in the

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