About Us

Hello, my name is Nissim Cohen, the CEO of Alfa Rhythm.

We founded Alfa Rhythm with the goal of bringing an elegant solution to distressing neurological disorders through the use of frequency therapy. Studies show that neural stimulation via frequencies can bring ease to a variety of common disorders such as ADD, ADHD, headaches, anxiety, depression, insomnia and more.

Over the years we’ve conducted many different studies on animals and humans and have arrived at very satisfying results, thanks to identification of the precise frequencies necessary to balance frequency functions for brainwave training. This is an effective technology, at the forefront of the personal development field. Alfa Rhythm is currently at the top of this important field. We assume that our brain produces electrical activity 24 hours a day.

We measure this activity in frequency groups called “brain waves”, with each frequency representing a different state of consciousness. Many studies have shown that it is possible to affect and even direct the brainwaves as we wish by listening to or transmitting specific frequencies to the brain.

This process is known as “Brainwave Entertainment” and can be highly effective if applied correctly. Frequency therapy began 100 or so years ago when a group of researchers tested whether electromagnetic fields affected the human body. Some of these studies birthed diagnostic systems and methods based around the frequencies that we know of and use daily. Some of them are commonly known such as MRI, ultrasound and X-ray.

The therapeutic effect that subtle frequencies have on the body. Or in other words – frequency therapy. There are over a thousand studies based on frequency therapy that show a positive effect of subtle frequencies on the body. For example: cell regeneration in the immune system, an increase of efficiency in energy production in brain cells, relief in pogroms and migraines, reduction in anxiety and depression symptoms and a clear impact on Parkinson’s and cancer.


Additional studies continue to take place today due to the frequencies affecting the electrical potential of the cell shell. They affect the proper communication between the cells. Frequency therapy allows improvements in this communication in order to treat various health conditions.

Imagine treating a wide range of distressing neurological disorders, without drugs and without side effects. Did we get carried away? Not exactly. For many years, medicine has known the benefits of frequency therapy and through advanced technology and research, we have brought you our revolutionary watch, the fruit of our research and years of experience.


The scientific team

Alfa Rhythm operates in the US and in Israel and is supported by doctors and scientists from the first lines in their field, including: Professor Mickey Scheinowitz Scientific Director, Dr. Khaled Khalil Chairman and Founder, Dr. Shawn Shirazi Regulatory Advisor, Dr. Mohammad Hamdan Partner on the Advisory Committee, Professor Ronnie Levy Partner on the Advisory Committee, and Dr. Stephen Cherkez.


Restoring Balance to the Brain

Alfa Rhythm has developed a unique and groundbreaking device that operates by stimulating the brain in order to balance frequencies. The Alfa Rhythm watch creates an action mechanism that aids the brain in changing the brainwaves, regulating their activity and synchronizing its transmitted frequency. This is done by using an externally based frequency-programmed vibration – generating waveforms and dominant frequencies accordingly. The frequencies aid in balancing the brain waves as needed.


Vibrotherapy Within Reach

Alfa Rhythm’s treatment and patenting method is one of the most important practices for optimally regulating and balancing brainwave frequencies. This method aids the relief of various tensions and symptoms of different neurological issues as well as other behavioral deficiencies. Alfa Rhythm devices are made to treat complications with ADD/ADHD, stress, depression, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and epilepsy. This is done through an external treatment in a natural and non-invasive manner – on a daily basis with no known side-effects.


Groundbreaking Solutions at the Forefront of Medicine

Since brain research is the hottest topic being researched today, the company works towards establishing a national brain research and development center based around Alfa Rhythm’s patent and method. The center examines the relationship between brain waves and physiological and psychological conditions in order to determine the specific relationship of frequencies produced by the brain with disorders and neuropsychological dysfunction. We believe there is tremendous potential for developing methods to deal with these deficiencies, especially in the vibrotherapy field.


New Technology

New Treatment Method:


A variety of innovative treatments

The first watch in the world based on innovative technology used to transfer frequencies to the brain and nervous system via frequency programmed vibrations with no need for electric pulse transfer to the body.

Vibrational neural stimulation (VNS) is a vibration-based process, stimulating the nerve cells of the brain and body at a certain frequency, without emitting electrical current into the body – as is done by electrotherapy.


The Device

A smartwatch that produces frequency-programmed vibrations and broadcasts them to the nervous system, which then synchronizes said frequencies and balances brain and body waves.  

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