Do you suffer from headaches? Migraines? is it difficult to function?

Headaches can drive anyone crazy, especially chronic headaches. At home, at work and on vacation, it ruins the entire day. We take another pill and another, and it just won’t leave.

The cause of headaches among those suffering from migraines (cluster headache) is the enlargement of the blood vessels in the brain. Migraines are a neurological disorder with a genetic base. Migraine attacks are triggered by a variety of reasons such as stress, lack of sleep, and consumption vasodilators such as alcohol. The use of medicine against migraines works only temporarily, sometimes demanding an increase in prescription. There are many additional reasons for chronic headaches and part of them are due to various diseases and complications. Therefore, it is important to be checked by a doctor to rule them all out. 

Alternative treatment methods for migraines are partly effective, such as drinking water, breathing clean oxygen, consumption of caffeine, etc. All these methods do not provide a complete solution to migraines.

Stop the migraine by regulating your brain waves!

Imagine a small device, safe for use that affects the brain and quickly diminishes your headache symptoms for whatever reason, such as those suffering from migraine attacks – and it is totally safe and non-intrusive. Sounds like a dream? Not exactly! The Alfa Rhythm device does exactly that thanks to unique, groundbreaking technology that we developed.

How does brain wave therapy solve chronic headaches?

For many years, it has been known that the brain transmits different waves that define our state of consciousness such as alertness, sportive activity, sleep, deep concentration, etc. In different conscious states, certain waves become more dominant relative to other waves. Throughout life, unwanted changes in the organization and dominance of the waves can occur. These changes trigger various undesirable health effects, including the expansion of blood vessels in the brain which can cause chronic headaches. It is possible to affect and balance the brain waves via low-intensity vibrations, and that’s what the Alfa device does. The treatment can be done by yourself and includes the wristwatch. Use for fifteen minutes twice a day for prevention or treatment during a headache/migraine attack.

Here are the benefits of the device:

Comfortable treatment and can be done anywhere – treatment with the Alfa Rhythm watch is very simple and includes operating the watch. There is an easy, automatic power-on and you can use it anywhere: at home, while driving, during vacation and at work.

Accomplish fast results – Alfa Rhythm’s patients report that after a small number of treatment sessions they started feeling relief in the intensity and duration of their headaches. Following this, many gave up on headache-preventing medicine and were already doubtful of their effectiveness. People further reported a total end to their headache attacks.

A revolutionary and precise solution – the Alfa Rhythm watch is unique in its field due to the great precision of the vibrational patterns that it produces. It is a groundbreaking, patent-protected result and accompanies an important break-through. This is as a result of multi-year research in the brain wave field, done by leading professionals of their field.

A natural and safe solution, without any side effects

The Alfa Rhythm device is not an intrusive treatment and is not a medicine, but a helpful, safe-for-use utility without any side effects. The device holds CE approval from the European Union for use as quality of life improvement in addition to being approved for marketing according to the FDA. This is done through the use of low-intensity, safe vibrations. For additional information on treating headaches and migraines contact us now: +97252-821-7636 and/or leave your details on our contact page.

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