Digital Smartwatch “Alfa Rhythm”

Incredible! The digital smartwatch "Alfa Rhythm" which treats: anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADD/ADHD, Parkinson's, epilepsy, and more… In only 15 minutes a day!

For the first time in the world, a digital smartwatch promises to change our lives to become happier and more successful. Professionals at Alfa Rhythm reveal how this “magical” watch can help anyone in the globe permanently get rid of anxiety, depression, insomnia, ADDH/ADHD, stress, headaches, Parkinson’s and epilepsy.

A disturbing statistic: anxiety and depression increase the risk of cancer by over 90%!

Dozens of studies clearly show that anxiety and depression are a cause for different types of cancer, accelerate aging processes and increase the risk of heart attack. And of course, sufferers experience a shorter life expectancy and lower quality of life.

For example, one of many similar situations:

"I want to die" yes, yes! "to die"

These are the types of thoughts that go through Miri’s head, at least once every few minutes!
Miri is supposed to be the happiest mother on Earth.
Miri is married and is a mother to two amazing daughters.
However, under the surface, something mysterious dragged her down and ruined her life…
And since that day, her life has become an unbearable hell.
If you were to tell Miri that in a few days, she could regain her energy and love for life, she wouldn’t have believed…
Because during those same days, she wouldn’t have been able to feel anything – apart from negativity.
Miri said “the grief just won’t let go, and sometimes I don’t sleep for nights”
After using the Alfa Rhythm watch in a variety of programs tailored to the situation she was in, Miri regained her normal self, slept better with the quality of sleep improving miraculously… The suicidal thoughts disappeared and Miri’s love for life was restored completely.

Everyone tries solving their issues, many times by taking psychotic medications regardless of their devastating side effects. Bottom line, these medications don’t help them. And if they do – the solution doesn’t last.


Alfa Rhythm's Solution
The Innovation that could change our lives!

One of the the most advanced startups that are going to take over China, the US, Japan, and Europe. Not only does it bring us great pride, it may genuinely assist many of us that suffer from a real and common problem in all of Israel – at least one person in every family.

After over four years of studies and attempts, the professionals at Alfa Rhythm managed to refine the frequencies that will help every one of us gain relief and an increased quality of life!

The development of the Alfa Rhythm watch symbolizes not just worldwide pride, but something that could change our lives, especially those suffering from:

(The “Alfa” watch covers 95% of the following situations)

An Innovative and Precise Solution!

An Innovative and precise solution. The patent-protected device is a groundbreaking innovation in its field. In fact, this is the only device in the world able to transmit precise wave patterns to the brain by using frequency programmed vibrations.

Safe for Use!

Safe for use, the device is not labeled as medical and is approved for marketing in the US as an improvement to quality of life according to FDA regulations. Also, it holds the strict European standard CE.

Immediate Results

The results of using the device vary from individual to individual, however, most of the patients already felt an improvement from the first treatments. Many report feeling a change at quite an early stage.

Modern Design and Simple to Operate!

Modern design and simple to operate. The device is designed as a trendy watch. You can wear it continuously regardless of your environment. To activate, press the touch button – and that’s it.

A Worldwide Patent!

The world today is known as a technological powerhouse and we have reasons to be proud. Quite a lot of companies have risen over high peaks on an international level. And today, the Alfa Rhythm watch will not only bring us pride but aid a very large number of our population! 

How do I purchase the Alfa Rhythm watch?

After a successful pilot and hundreds of satisfied customers, it is now at an introductory price for a limited time – leave your details below and we will return to you shortly.

Hacharoshet 44, Kiryat Bialik

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