Recommended for use at rest state twice a day or more if needed

Recommended to charge the wristband after 9 sessions.

Recommended not to use during charging

Session time 15 minutes and automatically turned off and can be stop by user.






The wristband contains 9 programs of wellness treatment options:

T-1; For relaxation, Headache, stress, tension balance.

T-2; For Sleep aid, reduces tremors

T-3; Anti pain, physical and muscle relaxation, sexual tonic.

T-4;  For focus, meditation and reduces hyperactivity

T-5; For Heart rate balance

T-6; For enhancing Learning ability, Mental relaxation, Increasing focus and concentration

T-7; For reducing seizures, reducing binge eating

T-8; For assisting of balancing high blood sugar

T-9; Sport state and enhancing memory