About Us

The company was established in early 2014 Israel.

Its cutting edge technology enables the devices to use a user-established frequency, stimulating the brain to imitate the current frequency at work. When compared to standard technology is the result of a process developed by the founders of developing and inventing novel electronic medical & wellness devices for mastering the brain waves to enhance mental and physical well being – both statistically and de facto.
The invention was registered as provisional patent in USA in 2018

Defining operation area

Producing and developing electric products for medical and paramedical uses in the human brain field, as a utility for function improvement and brain waves balancing. The company will mainly operate in the following markets:
  1. ADHD/ ADD/ Lack of concentration
  2. Anxiety / depression
  3. Insomnia / neurologcal disorders.
The company’s short-term objective is to introduce the products into the market as wellness devices at this time.  With traction and appropriate funding, they have the potential of being medical devices and considered as an important key of developing different functional devices for many disorders.